Internship Programs in China

Gain Your Leadership by Interning Abroad

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G-MEO Internship Abroad in China Programs

G-MEO Internships provide you an unparalleled opportunity to gain real-world experience in a global marketplace. Our internships provide professional skill building with focused placements that complement your goals and interests.



  • 3+3 Study-Intern Abroad Program
  • Major-related full-time internship
  • 3-month-classes
  • 3-month-credit-bearing full-time internship
  • Meet your academic and career goals.


  • Summer Internship Program
  • 10 weeks credit-bearing internship
  • Major-related full-time internship
  • Improve your Chinese language skill


  • IIC Certificate Program
  •  Major-related full-time internship
  • 3 seminars
  • Designed for co-op and graduate students
  • Enhance your professional competencies & skills

Why Intern in China?