Wuhan: Huazhong University of Science and Technology


The Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) is a national key university in China which was founded in 2000. HUST has 42 academic schools and departments covering 12 comprehensive disciplines - Science, Engineering, Medicine, Economics, Management, Philosophy, Law, Education, Literature, History, Agriculture and Art.



HUST 3+3 Program consists of two parts; 3-months of Chinese learning and a 3-month long Internship with a Chinese company within the HUST Science Park. The Science Park is a dynamic, high-tech and innovative center with 55 enterprises including photoelectron, laser technology and Its Applications, numerical control technology, numerical control system device and the electrical category, computer software and information technology, cast financing, business incubation and service type, cultural publishing, creative design and architectural design. This program is especially suited for student interested in combining a Chinese language intensive program with hands-on experience in practicing their acquired language skills in an international, professional environment through a 3 month long internship.

The program was established at HUST 6 years ago and since then has developed international collaborations with partner universities including Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen (Germany); University of Birmingham (UK) and Institut Supéeur d'Electronique de Paris (France). Since the launching of this international program, HUST has welcomed 2000 long term and short term international students from 119 countries.


HUST's Chinese language center provides students with excellent Chinese language communicational skills and a better understanding of Chinese culture. The HUST Science Park with more than 200 companies and organizations students may intern with near campus provides students with a practical platform for applying their acquired Chinese language skills.

Language learning and culture experience: 20 hours/ week
Course options include: Elementary Comprehensive Chinese, Business Chinese and the Survey of China. The courses specialize in developing students. Chinese speaking and listening skills.

Internship: 8 hours/ day
Students will be divided into different groups according to their academic and professional interests and assigned to a respective enterprise based on those interests to work on one, or a group of assignments. Through team work in those enterprises, students may expect to gain the following skills:

- Appling technical knowledge to solving real-world problems

- Developing capabilities to work effectively in multi-cultural environments

- Creating new ideas and identifying new alternatives based on technology



April 15th for Fall Semester

November 1st for Spring Semester



Fall 2015: Beginning of September to Mid-December. Dates are approximate, as Chinese universities may not confirm semester dates until shortly before the term starts. There will be an on-site orientation after the start of classes.


$5800 per semester. Click here for what is included, and additional expenses, including meals, airfare and miscellaneous.



Located at the foot of Yujia Mountain and next to the East Lake, HUST's campus covers an area of over 1,153 acres with a picturesque environment, elegant surroundings and greenery that covers 72% of its grounds. For this, HUST is known as the "University in the Forest". The university provides visiting students with access to various resources including 4 libraries with a collection of 5,79 million volumes, 15 apartment buildings for international students, 4 gymnasiums, 4 standard sports grounds, 70 basketball courts, 14 tennis courts, 14 cafeterias and restaurants, 6 shopping centers, 1 big market on campus, 1 university hospital, 6 banks and one China Post Office.



HUST offers 15 apartment buildings on campus for international students. Single and double rooms are available for students to choose from. Laundry facilities, water heaters, air conditioners, Internet, telephone, and furniture are all supplied for in these apartments.

Standard double occupancy rooms for international students at the HUST. Single occupancy rooms are available at extra cost.



Extracurricular activities like sports, Kongfu, Taiji and Chinese Calligraphy are arranged for students in their spare time. Siteseeing trips to various areas including the Yangtze River, Hankou Beach, Guiyuan Temple and Hubei Provincial Museum are also available.