Student Blogs

Spring 2016


“I can honestly say that my expectations were surpassed. I love China and plan on coming back as often as I can.”

“Chengdu truly feels like ‘the home away from home’.”

“I accomplished a lot in the time I was with them, and I’m thankful for the G-MEO staff who worked so hard to get me an internship position there when it was relatively new territory for them. My time inChinais something I’d never forget. I did a lot more than just my internship, but it contributed so much to my experience in Chengdu.”

Elevator Pitch, Chinese Etiquette Night, Chengdu Entrepreneurial Meet-up

“Even when I’m back home in the United States of America, I will carry China in me always. The uniqueness of China has an undeniable charm that sucks you in and captures you before you even land in the Middle Kingdom, whether you realize it or not. It’s an experience of a lifetime, and has made my own life a little more interesting, and painted it with new colors I didn’t even know existed before. “

“All in all, both of my experiences at my internships have been great contributions to me. I have acquired great communication skills due to the nature of my work and I value that. Aside from this, I have become great friends with many of my counterparts; this is something that I also value. These are experiences that you will not be able to gain anywhere else. “

“Aside from attending lectures about Chinese law, we were fortunate enough to watch and participate in a moot court or mock trial. “

“This internship has definitely taught me a lot; not only about Chinese law, but Chinese culture as well. Coming to China along with being a part of this internship has definitely increased my interest in international law and traveling the world.”

“My journey in China was something that I and most people in the states can only dream of.”

Buddy Programs, Family Visits, Xi’an Trip, Internship Updates, University Visits

“Equity Law Firm has a friendly college environment. At Equity Law the bosses give me the opportunity for ‘hands on’ experience’. “

“Students indulge themselves with Chinese cuisine and learned more about Chinese culture. It helped me overcome some of the culture shock I was adjusting to.”

“I tried scorpion while I was in Beijing”

“I have assigned them English names! I am sure some of these students will keep their names.”

“I was lucky enough to get a mentor at the company who helped me learn Android app development using Android Studio. I learned a lot in the weeks I was there.”


Fall 2015


“As part of our Chinese immersion, Qiqi taught us how to play majiang, a very popular game in Sichuan Province.”

“I have made it my mission to practice Mandarin on a regular basis.”

“The following are some of the cuisine I absolutely love in Chengdu and would recommend others to try during their stay here.”

“China’s one of my homes, Chengdu specifically and where ever I travel Pacifically.”

“Whether it be stinky tofu sold on the street, boiled dumplings served at a family restaurant, or hotpot with a large group, Chinese cuisine has a high degree of variance.”

“…Kangding, a small city in the Tibetan Prefecture of the Sichuan province…Our 5-day trip turned out to be a culturally-rich and exciting one,…All the craziness made for a good growing exexperience”

“There’s so much I’ve learned already from their way of life that has shut down previous misconceptions and minor, ignorant stereotypes.”

“Now, to some, these places may be a little expensive, but when you actually do the calculations you are actually getting more for what you pay for than if you were back in the States.”

“The way the train was set up, it was actually pretty easy to make friends compared to the standard train in the U.S with just seats.”

“This post will be about advice that is of at least some importance to future students that want to study abroad in ~China~.”

“It is also extremely convenient that the stop names are in English and that the announcements are in both languages. The Metro is extremely safe compared to the subway I’m used to.”

“One of the best parts of studying abroad is meeting so many interesting people, both Chinese natives and foreigners.”

“After teaching for a couple of weeks, I’ve fallen in love with it. I plan to incorporate this into my career goals for the future. I’m very thankful to have gotten this opportunity, and what I’ve learned here will stick with me forever.”

“there is a sizable portion of Chinese minorities here in Chengdu. One of the more obviously represented in Chengdu is the Tibetan culture.”

“Overall I think it has been important for myself and other students to notice these differences but also realize that they don’t really mean much and don’t change the value of the person because there a million different realities for every person and none are essentially “right”.”

“China reminds me a lot of the city that never sleeps (New York)…The g-MEO staff makes understanding the culture very easy with their advice, availability, knowledge and the trips they take you on.”

“a place that illustrate calmness and exemplifies the outward-bound between the local people with the foreigners that come to visit. Classes have been very fun with interesting professors and simulating assignments. The Center has a lot of events planned out during the weekend so we are never actually bored…Normally I’m not a very out-going person…However, this place has opened me up with the friendliness people pour out and the adventures it entices. Now I can either go out by myself or with the friends I have made to take in this unfamiliar land and enjoy here the richness it gives out.”

“I’ve done things that I never thought were possible. For example, I saw a panda for the first time up close and personal a few weeks ago. It’s nothing like seeing it in a picture.”


Spring 2015


“Manage your time wisely and travel to any where your heart desires.”

This city is huge, but the transportation system makes it possible to make it to your destination in a matter of minutes. Going out and exploring the Chengdu is an amazing experience but doing it on a bicycle has to be one of my favorite things to do.”

Bucket List suggestions.

“American Courts and International Law are amazing classes, and I am very happy to be taking them. I have seen the world a different way in how laws and policies work around the world. I have met many good friends who live in China, and I plan to come back and visit them.”

“There we learned about the oldest civilization known to man…It was very humbling experience even if I didn’t feel it until after the fact…I couldn’t help but think how blessed I was to be here with such awesome people!”

“…my time in Chengdu has been a blast since day one…For the thirty something days that we have been here I have never had a hostile encounter with anyone, which really surprises me.”

“My professors know a lot of information about the subjects they teach and definitely learned a lot while I’ve been in class with them…..seeing a whole panda base was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen.”

“I have made many friends, and experienced a lot of new things that I never thought existed.”

“if I had the opportunity to extend my stay in Chengdu, I would do it in a heartbeat. China has been a great experience and has made me grow as a person.”

“Unlike the Chinese food back home, which is either bland or too sweet and definitely not spicy…I have had a dish that is called twice fried pork! It is TO. DIE. FOR!…The most interesting part about the food so far is what the people eat; for example, rabbit head.”

“Who doesn’t love trips!? g-MEO provides a plethora of events, trips, excursions, or whatever else you would like to call it. I was able to see parts of Chengdu that I would not have traveled to on my own.”

“Through the help of the program as well as my friends, I have been introduced to countless native Chinese people.”