Liangfen - Chinese Jelly Noodles

If you are visiting Chengdu during summer, you should definitely try Liangfen - Chinese Jelly Noodles (凉粉).

Liangfen is a perfect summer dish. The noodles are usually made from rice or bean starch. Liangfen is generally served cold and it slides down your throat very easily.

Today’s version of Liangfen has developed into different variations of flavor and can be made from sweet potatoes, mung beans, chickpeas, or other peas and beans.In Chengdu, the most famous type of Liangfen is Beichuan Liangfen. This dish is also known as heartbreak jelly noodles. Chengdu people believe that your feelings of sadness or heartbreak will vanish while you taste this dish because it is so delicious and spicy that all of your other feelings will become numb.When you visit Chengdu, remember that you don’t have to be heartbroken to try the Beichuan Liangfen. It’s a very famous street food in the city.


Videos: Liangfen - Chinese Jelly Noodles

Chinese Mung Bean Jelly

Video from 曼食慢语 Amanda Tastes



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