Summer Program Sessions





Student Arrival: June 1, 2018

On-site Orientation: June 2, 2018

Class Dates: June 4, 2018 - July 6, 2018 (5 Weeks)

Departure: July 7, 2018


Student Arrival: July 13, 2018

On-site Orientation: July 14, 2018

Program Dates: July 16, 2018 - August 10, 2018 (4 Weeks)

Departure: August 11, 2018



Earlybird Deadline IDecember 10th, 2017
Earlybird Deadline II : March 1st, 2018
General Deadline:   April 15th, 2018




2018 G-MEO Summer Program Sessions will be held at the prestigious Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad on the Huaxi campus of Sichuan University. Sichuan University is one of the leading universities in China and the American Center is well situated for students to enjoy a gorgeous campus with easy access to cultural events, night life and excursions outside of the classroom.


Please also note that students who are accepted into the G-MEO Summer Program Session I or II and confirm their place in the program (registration) before the early bird deadline I will receive a 15% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT and before the early bird deadline II will receive a 10% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT RATE ON THEIR FINAL PROGRAM FEE.

Program fee includes:

- One official transcript issued by Fairleigh Dickinson University

- G-MEO Onsite staff support

- Airport pick-up for non-Chinese speakers

- Pre-departure and on-site orientation

- Two 24-hour emergency hotlines (one in the United States, one in China)

For housing fees and other detailed information, please consult our Fact Sheet.

Fees listed above DO NOT include round-trip airfare to and from China, meals, and miscellaneous costs associated with leisurely activities students might want to engage in while on the program.

*An insurance of $120 (Session I) or $99 (Session II) is mandatory for all non-Chinese citizens, and it will be automatically reflected on your invoice.

** Please check our Payment Methods by clicking HERE.

3 Courses$5,100N/A
# of CourseBase PriceEarly Bird Grant (Apply by Mar 1st, 2018)
Period I: Now - Dec 10, 2017
1 Course$3,50015% off of Final Tuition
2 Courses$4,40015% off of Final Tuition
3 Courses$4,90015% off of Final Tuition
Period II: Dec 10, 2017 - March 1, 2018
1 Course$3,50010% off of Final Tuition
2 Courses$4,40010% off of Final Tuition
3 Courses$4,90010% off of Final Tuition
Period III: March 2 - April 15, 2018
1 Course$3,500N/A
2 Courses$4,400N/A
3 Courses$4,900N/A
Period IIII: April 16 - May 15, 2018
1 Course$3,700 N/A
2 Courses$4,600 N/A

1. Any student with a GPA of 3.3 or higher, qualifies for an $500 academic-based scholarship.

2.Non-Chinese citizen who attends Chengdu Session will be granted a 5,000 RMB Chengdu Mayor's Achievement Award upon successful completion of the session.  US dollar amount will depend on the current exchange rate.

3.Students who enroll in a total of 3 to 5 classes in both summer sessions will receive a $300 deduction from their total program fees.

4.Student can select up to 3 courses for Session I, and up to 2 courses for Session II