Health & Safety

At G-MEO, we take personal health and safety very seriously. Resident or Program Directors will work closely with host universities to ensure our students, both individually and as a group, will receive the best care possible.


Student Affairs in the New York Headquarters

All Student Affairs staff are carefully selected, knowledgeable professionals, trained in recognizing and handling the needs of study abroad students. They are in constant communication with China-based staff regarding matters relating to our students. In case of an emergency, New York staff is contacted immediately. They communicate with the student’s emergency contact and the home institution. In case of an emergency, parents should contact our New York 24/7 emergency hotline.


All programs are managed by a Resident or Program Director. This person speaks Chinese fluently and has lived or studied in the city. The designated Director is available to students 24/7 in case of emergency through an emergency hotline. This number is meant for students finding themselves in difficult situations such as a medical emergency, an accident or being lost.

Chinese Host University

Each university welcoming our students is staffed with professionals who provide assistance and advice.


Each student will receive two orientations. The first will be a pre-departure orientation conducted by a New York Student Affairs Staff member in person or via Skype. This orientation will cover health and safety, rules and regulations, registration information, and practical suggestions for your trip. The second will be an on-site orientation in China, which will cover detailed city-specific information, guidelines for health and safety, academic and practical information as well as cultural awareness tips to smooth your transition.


We provide travel health insurance which includes major medical and evacuation coverage for our students. We will also furnish students with information about international health clinics where they will be residing. Details will be provided in your acceptance package and pre-departure orientation.

This insurance plan is specifically designed for college and university students while studying abroad. It covers:

  • Accident and Sickness Insurance Benefits
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation Benefit
  • Emergency Reunion Benefit
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits
  • 24-Hour International Emergency Assistance

***This insurance policy does not cover medication or treatment for pre-existing conditions. 

Students in our program have access to International Standard Hospitals and Clinics where English speaking doctors often care for expats living in China. These hospitals meet an international standard of medical care, and the Major Medical Insurance will be accepted.


We have developed a Crisis Management Plan to ensure the safety and security of our students in case of emergency. Information on the Crisis Management Plan is provided to students in the acceptance package, and students must follow the guidelines to ensure their safety and security at all times.

Further information on our Crisis Management Plan can be obtained from the Student Affairs Office in the New York Headquarters by emailing