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G-MEO Summer 2019 Students' Interview with GoChengdu 

G-MEO Students' Interview with GoChengdu 2019JULY 2019, Original article from GoChengdu

Last week, Chengdu media Gochengdu made an interview for Chengdu American Center's students and faculties, sharing their study abroad experience in Chengdu and how it influences their perception of Chinese culture and lifestyle...READ MORE

G-MEO Students' Interview with Looking West to Chengdu 2019

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March 2019, Original article from GoChengdu

A group of American students came to Chengdu for a 13-week stay. Besides learning Chinese, travelling and eating, they would visit local families. How would hospitable Chengdu families welcome them?...READ MORE

G-MEO Students Shared Internship Experience with TV Program-Looking West to Chengdu

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 12.24.18 PM2018, Original video from GoChengdu

Students look for internships during summer vacations every year to enrich life experience and accumulate work experience. Recently, a group of American students looked Chengdu as the first practice base in their life. What kind of internship will they have in Chengdu?...READ MORE