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Located in Taoyuan, 40 minutes by train from downtown Taipei, and founded in 1989, Yuan Ze University (YZU) is the youngest and most energetic of Taiwan's top universities. There are around 9,000 students and over 700 faculty and staff. YZU has rapidly grown into the top private university in Taiwan, and is ranked in the top 400 in Times Higher Education 2011-2012 World University Rankings. It is the first bilingual university in Taiwan, and attracts 250 international students. Yuan Ze has five colleges - Engineering, Informatics, Management, Humanities and Social Sciences, Electrical and Communication Engineering - all of which offer courses in English. The curriculum of the School of Management is AACSB accredited. The curriculums of the engineering departments are IEET accredited.

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Students will be placed in Single Rooms with private a bathroom, these accommodations are off-campus within a 5-minute walk from campus.


Near Taipei, you can visit the National Palace Museum, home to perhaps the finest collections of Chinese art in the world. You can see atmospheric old streets and temples in towns like Lugang and Tainan. Opportunities for outdoor activities include visits to the Taroko National Park, a narrow ravine created by a river which has cut through the mountains, Yu Mountain National Park, with the highest peak in Northeast Asia, Yangming Mountain National Park, with volcanic craters and lakes, Kending National Park, Taiwan's tropical area, and Dongsha Marine National Park, with white coral and shell beaches.


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Spring / Fall


April 15th for Fall Semester
November 1st for Spring Semester


$9,800 per semester.
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Often referred to as a part of Greater China Region that also includes Hong Kong and Macau, Taiwan is a sub-tropical island known for its natural beauty, with towering mountains and beautiful coastal scenery. It has eight National Parks. Taipei is a major regional city mixing the modern and traditional. Incense-veiled temples dating back to Chinese dynastic times blend with neon-lit streets. Taipei has dozens of world-class restaurants where you can sample the best regional Chinese cuisine and bustling night markets serving snacks. Just a few minutes from downtown, you can soak in mineral-rich hot springs nestled in lush mountain foothills. Taiwan also has many leading industries, including biotechnology, nanotechnology, communications and network

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