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On-site / Online

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G-MEO Summer Program

G-MEO’s Summer Sessions allow US college students and international students to take courses, meet their academic goals, and experience a dynamic culture. With both on-site and online options, students can not only earn additional credits, but also deepen their interest and knowledge of the Chinese language and culture by participating in exciting cultural and professional development activities

Session I / Online Session

  • Student Arrival: May or June 2022
  • On-site Orientation: June 2022
  • Program Dates: June 12 – July 15, 2022 (5 weeks)
  • Departure: July 2022
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Session II / Online Session

  • Student Arrival: June - July 2022
  • On-site Orientation: July 2022
  • Program Dates: July 17 – August 13, 2022 (4 weeks)
  • Departure: August 2022
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Academic & Fields of Study

In Summer session I, students will enroll in 1 to 3 courses during the 5 weeks of the program. In Summer Session II, students will be able to enroll in 1 to 2 courses during the 4-week program.

Courses are available in Business, Economics, Marketing, Psychology, Philosophy, Science, Chinese Language, Math, Technology and Culture Studies.


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Subject AreaCourse NameCourse CodeCreditsOffered by
Business & EconomicsIntroduction to MicroeconomicsECON 20013FDU
Introduction to MacroeconomicsECON 21023FDU
Introduction to Financial AccountingACCT 20213FDU
Principles of MarketingMKTG 21203FDU
Management Information SystemMIS 20013FDU
Fundamentals of International BusinessIBUS 32013FDU
Principles of Financial AnalysisFIN 32503FDU
Social Sciences & HumanitiesUnited States History IHIST 11143FDU
Intro to World CivilizationHIST 12143FDU
Cultural History of the Silk RoadsHIST 4431/HUMN 44303FDU
Geography and World IssuesGEOG 11023FDU
Introduction to SociologySOCI 12013FDU
Introduction to PhilosophyPHIL 11023FDU
Child & Adolescent DevelopmentPSYC 20023FDU/Norwich
Cross Cultural PsychologyPSYC 33613FDU
Art History: Renaissance - TodayARTH 12063FDU
Cross Cultural PerspectivesUNIV 20013FDU
Global IssuesUNIV 20023FDU
Movies and Chinese Culture-3FDU
Fundamentals of Music TheoryMUSIC 22213FDU
Listening to Live Music in Chengdu-3FDU
MathematicsApplied Statistics IMATH 23373FDU
Calculus IIMATH 22024FDU
Natural Science & TechnologyClimate Change BiologyBIOL 11803FDU
Ecosystem and Environmental ScienceBIOL 1070/10714FDU
Introduction to Computer ProgrammingCSCI 12053FDU
Language & Culture StudiesTechnical CommunicationsENGR 22104FDU
Oral and Written ReportENGL 22073FDU
Public SpeakingSPCH 11553FDU
Basic Chinese For Business Purpose (Elementary Chinese I)CHIN 10093FDU
Intermediate Chinese ICHIN 21033FDU
Advanced Chinese ILANG 33373FDU
World Food and CultureHUMN 22053FDU

*G-MEO reserves the right to cancel or adjust the course offering depending on student enrollment.




David Chang

Dr. David C. Chang was named the ninth President of New York Polytechnic University (now known as NYU Tandon School of Engineering) on July 1, 1994, and was appointed Chancellor in July 2005. In addition to being a full professor at his home institution, Dr. Chang also holds honorary professorships at five major universities in China.

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Contact G-MEO

  • NY Office Phone: 646-216-2186
  • Email:
  • Address: 260 Madison Ave. Suite 8046
    New York, NY 10016
  • Chengdu American Center Phone+86 (028) 8550 2761
  • Address: No.17, Section 13, Ren Min South Road, Chengdu, China 610044
  • (Search on Baidu Maps, or search Chengdu American Center directly on Google Maps due to Google search restriction in China)


Chengdu American Center in Chengdu, China

2022 G-MEO Summer Program Session I will be held in the Chengdu American Center in Chengdu city. Chengdu has a population of over 14 million and is a booming economic center. China's "Go West" policy aims to build Chengdu into a financial and cultural center on par with Beijing and Shanghai. It abounds with urban energy and entrepreneurial dynamism; its new subway system opened in 2010. Yet with a balmy, sub-tropical climate and a slower pace than Beijing or Shanghai, Chengdu is known for its quality of life. It is famous for its world-class cuisine, leisurely tea houses, local opera, and historic temples. G-MEO summer program students can not only meet their academic goals but also enjoy the reputable Chengdu culture and lifestyle.

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