Student Voices

My Experience

"I can honestly say that my expectations were surpassed. I love China and plan on coming back as often as I can." -Genesis Encarnacion: Beyond Expectation

"Chengdu truly feels like 'the home away from home'." - Salma Hbaich: At Home in China

"I have had an unbelievable transition from pessimistic to optimistic individual. This study abroad program has impacted my life in three important ways: personally, academically, and financially. This exercise has become a way for me to relieve any type of stress and, as they say, “find a place inside where there is joy and the joy will burn out of pain.”  The g-MEO program is making me realize how I can go if I am willing to accept the challenges thrown at me." - Maman Cisse: Exploring the Chengdu and its Diverstiy

"Even when I’m back home in the United States of America, I will carry China in me always. The uniqueness of China has an undeniable charm that sucks you in and captures you before you even land in the Middle Kingdom, whether you realize it or not. It’s an experience of a lifetime"- Hailey Cohen: I Love China

“My journey in China was something that I and most people in the states can only dream of.” - Jonathan Cruz: My Life in China

"There’s so much I’ve learned already from their way of life that has shut down previous misconceptions and minor, ignorant stereotypes." - Quan Graham: Adapting and Growing in China

"if I had the opportunity to extend my stay in Chengdu, I would do it in a heartbeat. China has been a great experience and has made me grow as a person." - Ivan Ilic: My China Experience



Chinese Culture

"Something I really appreciate about Chengdu, or China in itself, is the fact the every time I go outside I see children playing. This is not a common site to see back at home in America." - Janil Caba: Chinese Children At Play

"There is a lot of food throughout the whole entire day for everybody involved. From beginning to end, there is loud music (a whole marching band and fiddler group), lots of fireworks and a truck with an artillery cannon shooting off, random people joining in the festivities, and cameras (LOTS OF EM)." - Emmanuel: A Modern Day Chinese Wedding

"Two other ways to keep active in China include riding a bicycle and walking. Bicycles are both convenient for transportation and a great way to exercise. Since day one, I have realized that my Chinese people like to keep their two feet moving. In this country, you walk EVERYWHERE!" - Caitlin Gilmore: Staying Active in China

"When I first got here, the stares at my blonde hair were a little strange to me, but now I smile and sometimes even say hello to those staring because I can only imagine what it must be like to see someone with different colored hair if they have never seen it before. I have come to realize that they are just as curious about me as I am of them, and this only makes my experience more interesting." - Brittany Weatherbee: Getting Through Cultural Challenges

"As the Chinese primarily study and experience Western culture through films, music, and learning English, they were excited to see a group of 11 diverse students in the flesh. It was as if we were celebrities!" - Shaka: Experiencing China's Lantern Festival

"there is a sizable portion of Chinese minorities here in Chengdu. One of the more obviously represented in Chengdu is the Tibetan culture." - Kyle Munson: Varying Chinese Cultures

"Overall I think it has been important for myself and other students to notice these differences but also realize that they don’t really mean much and don’t change the value of the person because there a million different realities for every person and none are essentially “right”." - Shakerra Hooker: Subtle Differences Between Cultures

Chinese Food

"I tried scorpion" - Josh Wright: Food Paradise

"Unlike the Chinese food back home, which is either bland or too sweet and definitely not spicy...I have had a dish that is called twice fried pork! It is TO. DIE. FOR!...The most interesting part about the food so far is what the people eat; for example, rabbit head." - Charlen McNeil: Food

"I really enjoy eating the cafeteria food; they have a variety of meals which are very cheap and fulling." - Quan Graham: Different Types of Meals

"The following are some of the cuisine I absolutely love in Chengdu and would recommend others to try during their stay here." - Qiqi Chen: Sichuan Cuisine


Life in Chengdu and Things To Do

"China reminds me a lot of the city that never sleeps (New York)...The g-MEO staff makes understanding the culture very easy with their advice, availability, knowledge and the trips they take you on." - Quan Graham: Exploring the Chengdu Experience

"We began at the Jinsha Relic Museum to witness the excavation site of the sacrificial graves of Ancient China. This tour truly put things into perspective, reminding me that China’s history includes far more than was ever covered in my middle and high school history classes." - Tailor Dortona: Chengdu City Tour

"a place that illustrate calmness and exemplifies the outward-bound between the local people with the foreigners that come to visit. The Center has a lot of events planned out during the weekend so we are never actually bored...Normally I’m not a very out-going person...However, this place has opened me up with the friendliness people pour out and the adventures it entices." - Qiqi Chen: Opening up to Chengdu

"One of the best parts of studying abroad is meeting so many interesting people, both Chinese natives and foreigners." - Megan Crowley: Trips Around Chengdu

"the program has the best doctor in Chengdu (the Global Doctors Clinic and with HTH Insurance that covers all the expenses).  Also, the g-MEO main office has bottles of oxygen that are always available in case of emergencies, which has come to aid several times." - Maman Cisse: An Unchangeable Experience

"You may see pandas in the United States once in a while, but seeing a whole panda base was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen." - David Mejia: In Recent Days

"It is also extremely convenient that the stop names are in English and that the announcements are in both languages. The Metro is extremely safe compared to the subway I’m used to." - Soloman Crawford: Transportation in China

Study at Chengdu American Center

"I have really focused on immersing myself in the language to have a basic level of communication...Taking my Beginning Mandarin Course has really assisted me in understanding the intricacies of the language" - Gail Sexius: Communication Exchange - Are Hand Gestures Ever Really Enough?

"Aside from attending lectures about Chinese law, we were fortunate enough to watch and participate in a moot court or mock trial. " - Joe Nguyen: Immersed in Internship

"American Courts and International Law are amazing classes, and I am very happy to be taking them. I have seen the world a different way in how laws and policies work around the world. I have met many good friends who live in China, and I plan to come back and visit them." - David Mejia: Mike's Pizza and Other Things

Elevator Pitch, Chinese Etiquette Night, Chengdu Entrepreneurial Meet-up.  - g-MEO: Student Professional Development and Internship

Beyond Chengdu

"...Kangding, a small city in the Tibetan Prefecture of the Sichuan province...Our 5-day trip turned out to be a culturally-rich and exciting one,...All the craziness made for a good growing experience" - Megan Crowley: Travels to Kangding

"The way the train was set up, it was actually pretty easy to make friends compared to the standard train in the U.S with just seats." - Shakeera Hooker: Trip to Xi'an

"There we learned about the oldest civilization known to man...It was very humbling experience even if I didn’t feel it until after the fact...I couldn’t help but think how blessed I was to be here with such awesome people!" - Charlen McNeil: Xi'an Cultural Excursion

"4000 meters in the clouds, it gave the feeling of being vaulted into heaven in a way." - Stephanique Brown: My Experience in the Mountains of Juizhaigou

Internship Program

"I have attained many important skills that I would not have learned in law school, but which are needed in order to be a successful lawyer." - Iryna Chorniy: My Internship at DengHeng Law

"How many study abroad programs do you know that search for great internships for their students? My answer is one out of five. When I first visited g-MEO, I saw internships offered to student.  At first, I thought it was just to intrigue scholars to join the program. That was one wrong judgmental moment, because I have begun my first and ever internship at Deheng Law Offices here in Chengdu.  Deheng Law Offices is known nationwide and in so many countries...This opportunity came to me so easily, because otherwise how would I have been able to access such a high-end law office internship? " - Maman Cisse: Best Internship Opportunity Ever

"All in all, both of my experiences at my internships have been great contributions to me. I have acquired great communication skills due to the nature of my work and I value that. Aside from this, I have become great friends with many of my counterparts; this is something that I also value. These are experiences that you will not be able to gain anywhere else. " - Tyiarah Adewakun: My 2 Internships

"This internship has definitely taught me a lot; not only about Chinese law, but Chinese culture as well. Coming to China along with being a part of this internship has definitely increased my interest in international law and traveling the world." - Nadia Joseph: My Internship

"Equity Law Firm has a friendly college environment. At Equity Law the bosses give me the opportunity for 'hands on' experience'. " - Jonathan Cruz: Equity Law Firm

"Seven 40-minute classes a week and intermingling with over 300 Chinese students can drastically improve your Chinese Mandarin skills." - Alexis: Internship Joys

Alumni Spotligh

Tailor Dortona, one of our alumni who went to Chengdu with g-MEO in Spring 2015, from American University, wrote us a letter talking about her life after studying abroad in China. “I am now an Ambassador for the 100K Strong Foundation and as such, I was invited to attend a cocktail reception and dinner at the White House Historic Society to hear The Deputy Secretary of State speak about US China relations and President Xi's arrival to the country. After Secretary Blinken spoke, I was able to speak with him about my trip to China. I told him about my work with the disability population at my internship and my desire to work for the U.S. State Department... Secretary Blinken's wife, Evan Ryan, is the Assistant Secretary of State Department's for Educational and Cultural Affairs and he promise to introduce me to her in the near future to talk about my trip to China and my career goals. ... My trip to China has changed my entire life plan and I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to study with g-meo at Sichuan University.” 

Also went to China in Spring 2015, Austin Harris told us about his life after the Chengdu experience and some future plans. "First, I will be participating in a month-long retreat at a Buddhist monastery inTaiwan, composed of courses, meditation, and a cultural tour of the island. After that, I will be heading to Hong Kong to start a full-time position at the Lingnan University, as a Visiting English Tutor in the English Language Support Centre." - Austin Harris, Spring 2015. "Austin Returns to China"

From New Jersey City University, Jessica Coke went to Chengdu with g-MEO in Fall 2014. After studying abroad in China with g-MEO, Jessica found passion in law and decided to become a lawyer. Upon her return to the US, Jessica set to work researching other international study opportunities. In 2015, she was chosen as a participant for the Ibrahim Leadership and Dialogue Program, a student travel program leading academically qualified students across the Middle East. This year, Jessica was part of a delegation from NJCU that participated in the National Model United Nations Conference in New York. Through these experiences, Jessica has realized that is deeply passionate about international human rights. She is currently a semi-finalist for a Fulbright award and plans to attend law school next year.