Discover the Culture in China

The Invention of Chopsticks

Created in China during the reign of the Shang Dynasty between 1766 and 1122 BC, chopsticks (筷子,Kuàizi ) went through many changes of design. They gradually became one of the primary table utensils in the modern regions of China, Mongolia, Japan, and some other countries. The oldest pair of chopsticks were made from bronze. It was excavated from the 3200-year-old ruins of city Yen, near modern Anyang, Henan...


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Best Place To Travel In Winter Vacation

If you love to challenge teeth-chattering cold weather and enjoy the beautiful winter scene, then the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is the carnival for you.

The festival opens at the beginning of January and runs for two months to the end of February. First celebrated in 1985, the festival was inspired by Heilongjiang traditional lanterns, which were carved out of ice and illuminated by candles...


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Are You A Tea Lover?

Are you a tea lover? If you are, there is something you must know about tea. Tea-drinking is an important part of Chinese culture. People drink tea a variety of kinds of occasions and purpose.

People in Guangdong drink “morning tea” to start their day. Xishuangbanna is famous for its Pu'er tea that contains high-level of Vitamin C. The Dai people here drink tea for the purpose of health. Pu’er tea can help digestion and fat break down...


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Story of Spring Festival

Long ago in the mountains, there lived a horrible demon creature named Nian. Every year, on the first day of the year, the beast would awaken and descend upon the village. He would eat all the grain and livestock. The villagers lived in fear of this beast and boarded up their houses on this night to protect their families...


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