Refund Policy

Spring and Fall Programs

Upon acceptance, students are required to submit a $300 tuition deposit to secure a place in the program. Although non-refundable, the tuition deposit will be deducted from the overall program fee at the time of invoicing.

Payment in full is due by the deadline dates listed below:

- Fall Term……………………………..... August 20th

- Spring Term…………………………….January 20th

For students paying their program fee using financial aid and/or scholarships from their home institutions which will be disbursed to either them or G-MEO after the start date of the program, please refer to G-MEO’s Financial Aid Agreement Form for instructions.

- Program Withdrawal and Deferral Policy

A written notice¹ of withdrawal or deferral from a confirmed participant must be received by G-MEO in order for the refund policy to apply.

Admitted students who cancel their enrollment to G-MEO prior to the start of the term will receive a refund according to the Refund Policy for Program Fee schedule listed in this document.

Admitted students may defer participation to a future term at a maximum of one year in the future. Should a student have paid a tuition deposit prior to giving written notice of deferral, the deposit will be applied to a future term provided the deferral is arranged before the payment deadline dates.

Refund Policy for Program Fee

Cancellation up to three weeks before onsite orientation...100% refund excluding deposit

Cancellation up to two weeks before onsite orientation...75% refund excluding deposit

Cancellation up to one week before onsite orientation….50% refund excluding deposit

Cancellation one week before the onsite orientation…………No refund

In cases where payment has not yet been received by G-MEO one week before onsite orientation, the student is responsible for paying 50% of the tuition plus $300 Tuition Deposit.

Grades and Transcripts Holds

G-MEO will not issue grades, release transcripts, provide any documentation of attendance or completion of the program until the student’s account has been paid in full.




Summer Programs

If written notice² of withdrawal or deferral of a confirmed participant is received by G-MEO before May 1, 2019 for Summer Session I and II, full tuition fees for the program will be refunded. All students must pay the tuition deposit, and deposit is not refundable in any situation.

If written notification of withdrawal of a confirmed participant is received by G-MEO between May 1, 2019 and May 25, 2019 for Summer Session I, II and Internship, 50% of the program fee will be refundable. The $300 Tuition Deposit will not be refundable. When the student decides to withdraw but G-MEO have not received full program fee payment and deposit between the date above, the student still has to pay 50% of the tuition and the $300 tuition deposit.

If written notification of withdrawal of a confirmed participant is received by G-MEO after May 25, 2019 for Summer Session I,II and Internship, no refund will be issued. When a student decides to withdraw but G-MEO has not received full program fee payment and deposit after May 25, 2019, the student is responsible for paying 100% of the program fee with the tuition deposit if they haven't paid the deposit. 

During the summer session, current students enrolled in two courses who drop one course before the second day of class meetings as per G-MEO's summer add/drop policy will receive a 30% refund for the course dropped.

Example Calculation:

For a student taking 2 courses and dropping 1: (4,500-3,500)*.30 = $300

For a student taking 3 courses and dropping 1: (5,100-4,500)*.30 = $180

Students who fail to pay their student account in full will NOT receive their final transcript.

Housing fees for all Summer Programs will not be refunded.

¹ May 31, 2019 - July 6, 2019 for Summer Session I at Chengdu; July 12, 2019 – August 10, 2019 for Summer Session II at Chengdu; May 31, 2019 - August 10, 2019 for Summer Internship at Chengdu

² "Written notice" means a notice given in accordance with any representation of words and letters in a perceivable form which includes mail and e-mail. WeChat or text message serves as a convenient way for the students to communicate with G-MEO staff, however, it is not considered as a formal form of written notice.