G-MEO Students Shared Internship Experience with TV Program-Looking West to Chengdu

American Students Intern Abroad in Chengdu 2018

2018, Original video from Looking West to Chengdu 

Students look for internships during summer vacations every year to enrich life experience and accumulate work experience. Recently, a group of American students looked Chengdu as the first practice base in their life. What kind of internship will they have in Chengdu?

Video filmed and edited by "Looking West to Chengdu" a famous TV program that introduces the latest information about the development of Chengdu, the most authentic Chengdu stories and up-to-date Chengdu news.

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Looking West to Chengdu 

Looking West to Chengdu made its debut on March 28th, 2015, which is the first feature program in Chengdu broadcast abroad. The program is telling the  story about Chengdu, a city full of opportunities in western China, which can be viewed in 148 countries with a global audience of 1 billion people, through HKSTV, Taiwan CTITV Asia, Phoenix STV Europe, Phoenix STV America, Nepal ABC News, etc.

Looking West to Chengdu broadcasts weekly with Chinese and English bilingual subtitles. The content is about Chengdu’s long history and rich Tianfu culture, also focusing on the city’s abundant delicacies and scenic spots, by telling people’s stories who coming from all over the world and own unique and interesting lifestyles here.

Broadcast platform

Phoenix STV America
EST: Sunday 21:00-21:30  PST: Sunday 18:00-18:30

Phoenix STV Europe
GMT: Sunday 20:30,  Tuesday 6:40

Hongkong Satellite
HKT: Saturday 20:30

Taiwan CTITV Asia
CST: Saturday 20:00, Sunday 11:00