World Youth Panda Ambassador Project

Explore the world, become a social influencer and get $1,500 award


Why Be a Panda Ambassador

Access to exclusive tours & events

Participating in the World Youth Panda Ambassador Project means gaining access to exclusive cultural excursions organized by G-MEO and Chinese television stations. One excursion and four activities on average per month are available to participants.

Huge ceremony

Panda Ambassadors will be invited to attend The World Youth Panda Ambassador Project launch ceremony at the Chengdu American Center. This will be broadcast on public Chinese television.

Become a TV star

The students can be expected to be interviewed by Chinese television stations about their experiences in Chengdu. These interviews will also be broadcast to the public.

Get a $1,500 award

Panda Ambassadors receive financial compensation for their dedication and hard work. Each student will be given $1,500 at the end of a full semester.

Become a social media influencer

The ability to build your experience as an influencer is extremely valuable and something that Panda Ambassadors can take full advantage of.