Online World Youth
Panda Ambassador Project

Share your experience,
become a social influencer,
and get an award


What Online Panda Ambassadors Do

From October to December 2020 (8 weeks) 

Shine on Social Media within 24 Posts
It's not a secret that posting at an appropriate frequency will help you boost your Instagram account. You should post at least three times per week on your Instagram, sharing your experience in Chengdu to spread the word and influence your audience. (Deliver a total of 24 posts in 8 weeks)

Film & Edit Short Videos
You should post at least 1 video (1-3 minutes) related to Chengdu on your Instagram account and have the video send to via WeTransfer. (*Video's resolution should exceed 1080p)


Posting Requirements  

Topics Related to Chengdu
Whether you are a fan of Chengdu spicy dishes, a travel lover, or a fashion blogger, share your experience and point of view on your social media to let people fall in love with Chengdu. (You don't need to be physically in Chengdu right now, sharing your experience from your previous trip would be fine)

Blogging with Your One of a Kind Original Content
Share your experience in Chengdu with attractive content. Please create a micro-blog with no less than 100 words for each of your posts and make sure the content you shared is original from yourself.

Introduce Yourself as a Panda Ambassador 
Don't forget to let your friends and followers know you are involved in this amazing project! Introduce who you are and your Panda Ambassador title in each of your posts to attract more people to follow you and stay tuned for your new posts. 

Include Required Hashtags
Please include hashtags: #gmeoonlinpandaambassador #onlinepandaambassador #worldpandaproject #pandareporter #gmeochina #gmeostudyabroad @gmeochina


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