Shanghai Program – Credit Transfer


1. The Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad is formed by a consortium of accredited American universities which offer both summer and semester courses from their official catalogs, and which are open to all American and international students, not just Chinese international students returning home for the summer; G-MEO's Shanghai Center falls under this consortium agreement for its programs.

2. While the majority of the courses for our summer program are offered by the School of Record that issues the transcript for the program, any course offered by an American member university in the consortium must be pre-approved by the Academic Steering Committee  (ASC) of the consortium and fully articulated among consortium members before it can be offered;

3. Our program requires all applicants to have their chosen courses pre-approved by their academic advisor at his/her home university. Our on-campus director will work with each applicant to secure the pre-approval before his/her application can be completed

FDU School of Record Commitment Letter

G-Meo SOR Commitment Letter updated for 2020

SUMMER Sample Transcript (From 2015 Summer Program)

transcript meitu 2


Upon successful completion of the program, one copy of official transcript from Fairleigh Dickinson University will be mailed to student's home institution or other location required by students. It will be students' responsibility to communicate with the related office of their home university in order to complete the credit transfer process.Please note that different universities have different procedures/steps to be taken in order to complete the credit transfer process after completing courses outside of the university. Additionally, different universities will have different policies on whether the grades you earn during a summer program will count as letter grades (ex. A, B, C, etc), or if they will count as Pass or Fail courses. Please consult your registrar's office for more information.


The program includes one free copy of your official transcript. If you need to request for additional copies of your official transcript, please have your Student ID number ready, and visit FDU's website 
You are registered as Florham campus students. Please follow the instruction on the website. 

You can find your FDU ID on your grade report (received after your summer semester with G-MEO in China). If you don't know your FDU ID, please contact our New York office by emailing or calling 646-216-2186