The Best Holiday Gift for
College Students 

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It is reaching that time of year where we exchange gifts and express gratitude. However, it is never easy knowing what gift to buy for your children…particularly when they reach college age. As they grow older, it becomes more difficult to find the perfect gift, and it can often be stressful. One gift that keeps on giving is the gift of learning. Giving students the chance to study abroad in a fast-growing city or country is a gift that makes everlasting experiences and memories.

Below I am going to talk about three main reasons why studying in China is a great opportunity and gift for students:


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1.Employability Prospects

Studying abroad is great for enhancing college students’ CVs. It shows employers that they have a range of diverse and transferable skills. Studying abroad is advantageous for students because it shows initiative, bravery and that they are willing to push themselves. In a world where the job market is ever more competitive, the experience of studying overseas will show employers they have cultural awareness and leadership skills – essential for many workplaces. With internships being an option (alongside studying), it really is beneficial for students to take full advantage of them. Doing an internship in China is a great opportunity for students to learn how to work with different people in one of the fastest-growing economies. It also allows them to develop professional skills and build connections around the world.

Study abroad not only helps students in their future career path but also helps personal development. The Institute for International Education of Students (IES) in 2018, found that “96% of students surveyed reported increased self-confidence” from participating in studies abroad.



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2.Global mindset

There’s no doubt that engaging with the local community, learning another language, traveling to new places, and trying out new cuisine all contribute to students developing their global mindset. Studying in China is advantageous for U.S. students. It gives them the chance to study and learn in a completely different environment and culture which lets them understand how to think from a different angle and think out of the box. Additionally, students learn to appreciate their own culture and background too, as research found  – “98% of students understood their own cultural values and bias’” after studying abroad. It’s no exaggeration to say that by giving the study abroad experience as a gift, you open endless unique opportunities for your children.


3.The chance to travel and see the world

Studying abroad in China is a chance for your children to travel and see what the world has to offer. China is an accessible place with a vast transportation system, which makes traveling around Asia easy. Not only can students build skills from their studies, but also from their independent traveling. Further, being able to see different sights, people, and their everyday lives gives students the chance to build their network and form long-lasting friendships all over the world.



These are several reasons why the study abroad experience would be the best gift for students as China has countless rewarding and interesting opportunities. G-MEO’s study abroad programs offer students the most comprehensive study abroad experience in a choice of locations across China. By taking part in G-MEO programs, students can get credits toward their degree and gain valuable work experience by taking classes and doing an internship at the same time, so why not encourage your beloved one to take the opportunity of a lifetime?

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