In Summer session in Shanghai, students will enroll in 1 to 3 courses during the 5 weeks of the program.

Courses are available in Economics, History, Business, Philosophy, Science, Chinese Language, Math, and Culture Studies. 


Subject AreaCourse NameCourse CodeCredits
Business & Economics Introduction to Financial AccountingACCT 20213
Introduction to Managerial AccountingACCT 20223
Intermediate Financial Accounting IACCT 32413
Introduction to MacroeconomicsECON 21023
Introduction to MicroeconomicsECON 20013
Fundamentals of International BusinessIBUS 32013
Principles of MarketingMKTG 21203
Principles of Financial AnalysisFIN 32503
Social Sciences & HumanitiesUnited States History IHIST 11143
World Food and CultureHUMN 22053
Music and CultureINTER 20253
Introduction to PhilosophyPHIL 11023
Introduction to SociologySOCI 12013
Ameircan Government and PoliticsGOVT 10003
Modern Chinese Culture and SocietyLANG 33323
Professional DevelopmentUNIV 20063
World History since 1500HIST 12153
Fundamentals of Music TheoryMUSIC 22213
MathematicsApplied Statistics IMATH 23373
Calculus IIMATH 22024
Calculus IIlMATH 22034
Differential EquationsMATH 22104
Linear AlgebraMATH 32203
Probability and Statistics IMATH 32374
Natural Science & TechnologyPrinciples of Modern BiologyBIOL 10013
Climate Change BiologyBIOL 11084
General ChemistryCHEM 10213
General PhysicsPHYS 21013
Introduction to Computer ProgrammingCSCI 12053
Data StructuresCSCI 22323
Intro to Computer ScienceCSCI 22153
Language StudiesTechnical CommunicationsENGR 22104
Oral and Written ReportENGL 22073
Public SpeakingSPCH 11553
Basic Chinese For Business Purpose (Elementary Chinese I)CHIN 10093
Intermediate Chinese ICHIN 21033
Advanced Chinese ILANG 33373
Literature &CompositionENGL 11113

*G-MEO reserves the right to cancel or adjust the course offering depending on student enrollment.

Sample G-MEO Shanghai Center 2019 Summer Course Schedule

Course Schedule for Summer Session in Shanghai    

*Please make sure you refer to the course schedule when selecting courses to avoid time conflict.

G-MEO reserves the right to adjust the course schedule depending on student enrollment.

Add/Drop Policy

In our summer session, dropping and adding classes is only allowed through the third academic day. This limited time frame is due to the condensed format of the 5-week/4-week summer session. Drop/add opportunities are dependent on prior advisor approval and course availability as displayed on the established course schedule.

It is the students’ responsibility to get the approval from their academic adviser and fulfill the add/drop form at Center’s office. After the final add/drop date, students may not add/drop a course.

During the summer session, current students enrolled in two courses who drop one course as per G-MEO's summer add/drop policy will receive a 30% refund for the course dropped.