Chengdu: Internships

Internship Opportunities

G-MEO Internships offer you an unparalleled opportunity to gain real-world experience in a global marketplace. Our internships provide professional skill building with focused placements that complement your goals and interests.

G-MEO internships provide you the chance to gain the skills that today's employers are looking for. Such as:

  • International work experience
  • Foreign language proficiency
  • Intercultural communication skills
  • Global mobility and confidence

After completing an internship with G-MEO you will have the job experience, the professional skills training, and the international knowledge to help you and your résumé stand out.

Chengdu is a city rich with research opportunities and internships with some of the leading civil society organizations and Fortune 500 companies.




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What students have to say

"My trip to China has changed my entire life plan and I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to study with g-MEO at Sichuan University." -Tailor Dortona: Internship

"How many study abroad programs do you know that search for great internships for their students? My answer is one out of five. When I first visited g-MEO, I saw internships offered to student.  At first, I thought it was just to intrigue scholars to join the program. That was one wrong judgmental moment, because I have begun my first and ever internship at Deheng Law Offices here in Chengdu.  Deheng Law Offices is known nationwide and in so many countries...This opportunity came to me so easily, because otherwise how would I have been able to access such a high-end law office internship? " - Maman Cisse: Best Internship Opportunity Ever

"All in all, both of my experiences at my internships have been great contributions to me. I have acquired great communication skills due to the nature of my work and I value that. Aside from this, I have become great friends with many of my counterparts; this is something that I also value. These are experiences that you will not be able to gain anywhere else. " - Tyiarah Adewakun: My 2 Internships

"This internship has definitely taught me a lot; not only about Chinese law, but Chinese culture as well. Coming to China along with being a part of this internship has definitely increased my interest in international law and traveling the world." - Nadia Joseph: My Internship

"Equity Law Firm has a friendly college environment. At Equity Law the bosses give me the opportunity for 'hands on' experience'. " - Jonathan Cruz: Equity Law Firm

"Seven 40-minute classes a week and intermingling with over 300 Chinese students can drastically improve your Chinese Mandarin skills." - Alexis: Internship Joys