Curriculum Framework

- Half-semester format to accommodate summer

session as well as schools on a quarter system

- Full-time students: 3-4 in core courses plus 2-3 Chinese for a total of

  15-18 SCH per semester

- Internship-centric study abroad programs for up to 6 months



Chengdu American Center Academics

- Courses taught in English by regular or adjunct faculty from partnering

American universities

- Chinese language and China Study taught by host Chinese university

- On-line courses, if needed, will be augmented by facilitators


Please CLICK HERE for Academic Calendar for Spring 2020 Semester

Add/Drop Policy

Add/Drop Policy: Adding/dropping courses is only permitted under extenuating conditions. Students must check the Academic Calendar for the dates of the add/drop period and submit the necessary paperwork during this time. No student is allowed to add/drop after this period.
Adding a Course: Students can add pre-approved alternative courses during the first week of class as long as they do not exceed the maximum number of credit hours. For adding non-approved courses, students are responsible for communicating with their home institution regarding credit transfers.
Dropping a Course: All students who want to drop a course must ensure that they do not fall below 12 credit hours for the semester. Students should consult their home institution before dropping courses that are required for their major or fulfill an elective.


You may add/drop courses within the deadline for add/ drop marked on G-MEO academic calendar(posted on the G-MEO Website); But the following procedures shall be followed: 

  1. You are responsible for contacting your academic adviser back in your home university, asking for permission first;
  2. Once you get approval from your academic adviser, you shall bring it to the Center’s admin office and fill in G-MEO official add/drop form;
  3. Your total credits in Spring/fall semester is no more than 19/ no less than 12
  4. Get the add/drop approval form signed by the Director of the Center;
  5. G-MEO Staff shall update your course selection in the SAMPS ready for grades input.
  6. Be sure that you are registered only for courses you plan to finish. You are responsible for knowing your enrollment status at all times.
  7. After the final add/drop date, you may not add/drop a course.

Sample Course List:

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Field of StudyCourse NamePartner UniversitySpring SemesterFall Semester
EconomicsMoney, Banking and Finance in the Global EconomyAmerican University
Business and ManagementFundamentals of International BusinessFairleigh Dickinson University
Social Sciences and HumanitiesInternational Law and Organizations
Human Trafficking
Social PsychologyConcordia University Chicago
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Professional Development and Internship
Cross-Cultural PerspectiveFairleigh Dickinson University
Global Issues
Criminal JusticeCorrectionsNorwich University
Comparative Criminal Justice
The Courts
Organized CrimeFairleigh Dickinson University
The Politics of Crime
Criminal Justice Ethics
Chinese Studies and Chinese LanguageBeginning Mandarin Chinese (II)Sichuan University
Beginning Mandarin Chinese (I)
Modern Chinese Culture and Society
Intermediate Chinese I
Beginning Business-Conversational Chinese
Public Health/NursingHealth Assessment Across the LifespanNorwich University
Nursing Technology and Informatics in Healthcare
Traditional Chinese MedicineSichuan University
MathematicsCollege Algebra