Spring 2021
Virtual Study/Intern Abroad Program

Campaigns and Elections - By Dr. David A. Caputo

Campaigns and Elections

The importance of the American presidential election in understanding today’s globalized society.

Now that election day has passed, many people are all thinking the same thing: How did we get here, and what’s next? In this critical and turbulent year, the presidential election results will have a lasting impact future of the United States, especially its relationship with other nations such as China.

Under the Trump administration, tensions between the US and China have escalated, as we have seen through the technological crackdowns on both sides. The New York Times tells us, “People in China, the world’s most populous nation, can’t use the world’s most popular products, including Google, Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp. Soon, Americans won’t be able to use WeChat. And even TikTok, perhaps China’s most successful digital export, is now under threat in the United States.” Ordinary people in both the US and China are now dealing with major unpredictability.

The political future of China is also directly tied to the American presidential office. Dr. Tom DeLuca, Director of International Studies at Fordham University, said, “[China’s] main interest is keeping the Chinese economy growing and to keep political power. The relationship with the U.S. is important…more so today than 20 years ago. All of what China’s doing is because they are nervous of what will happen in the next 10-15 years.”

We understand that within the US, we are at a critical point where the next president will determine our next steps for issues such as climate change, immigration, race relations, healthcare during the pandemic, and more. It is vital that we understand political systems and how they can shape the world around us. And in order to understand this system, we must understand how the presidential elections happened the way that they did in the first place. With G-MEO, you can take this opportunity to learn about the unknown and hidden aspects of these controversial elections, and the bigger implications they have worldwide.

Campaigns and Elections, taught by Dr. David A. Caputo is a course for students who are interested in learning more. This course offers both a realistic academic view and a pragmatic view of the 2020 election and will be offered during Virtual Study Abroad. It will specifically focus on:

  • · Election laws
  • · Finances in campaigns
  • · Polling trends
  • · Political parties
  • · The media's influence
  • · The importance of the individual citizen in determining the outcome


Background information about the course instructor, Dr. Caputo:

  • - President Emeritus at Pace University
  • - Adjunct Professor at Colorado State University
  • - Received his Ph.D. from Yale University
  • - Taught this course for over 25 years
  • - Expert in political science with extensive experience with media outlets and broadcast networks

This unique course is the perfect chance to learn about the US in today’s globalized society from an experienced professor. Apply here or contact us for more information!



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