Zhangcha Duck

In the city of tea, is it possible to miss out on a dish made with tea? In Chengdu, people love tea so much that they even came up with a dish rich with tea flavor. Today, G-MEO is going to introduce a quintessential dish of Sichuan cuisine - Zhangcha duck, or tea-smoked duck (樟茶鸭).

Zhangcha duck is smoked duck with tea and camphor. The duck is first marinated for hours with a rub that contains crushed Sichuan pepper, huangjiu or baijiu, ginger, garlic, and salt. Following the marination, the duck is quickly blanched in hot water to tighten the skin, and then toweled and air dried. This step ensures that the skin of the duck will not turn bitter during the smoking. A wok is then prepared for smoking the duck with black tea leaves.
Following a smoking treatment of approximately 10–15 minutes, the duck is then steamed for another 10 minutes before being deep fried in vegetable oil until its skin is crisp.
The main process of making this dish includes five steps: marinated, boiled, air-dried, smoked and fried. Due to its complicated preparation, Zhangcha duck is eaten during banquets or festival events rather than a daily dinner dish.


Videos: Zhangcha Duck

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