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About Online Panda Ambassador Project

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Fall 2019 G-MEO Alumni in Chengdu
Photo Credit to Looking West to Chengdu

The Online Panda Ambassador Project is an opportunity for students to excel as influencers and spread the word about the beautiful city of Chengdu. Panda Ambassadors are motivated, passionate US college students who are seeking a platform and looking to grow their skills in social media and attract more followers. Through this project, they can polish their social media skills, have a chance to get exclusive access to exposure on Chinese television, and be rewarded with financial compensation of $700 upon completion of the project. By participating in this project and sharing their experiences abroad, these students develop their own abilities and help strengthen the international community’s relationship with Chengdu. Learn more about what Online Panda Ambassador should do.


The benefits of becoming an Online Panda Ambassador

Though there are countless benefits to becoming a Panda Ambassador, here are a few of the biggest ones:
- Elevate your resume by being an ambassador for an amazing city, Chengdu, across the sea.
- Enhance your social media skills and online presence
- Become a social media star among your peers
- Get financial compensation of $700


The tasks for an Online Panda Ambassador

- Post on your social media and create buzz 
- Film videos to share your experience in Chengdu
- Write content that attracts more people to follow in your footsteps to Chengdu
*Read more in details


How to Apply to be an Online Panda Ambassador

Follow Two simple steps to apply for this great opportunity!

  • 1. Submit a 300-word essay including:
    • Who you are: your full name, age, and home institute
    • Your stories and experiences in Chengdu
    • What makes you a great candidate to become an Online Panda Ambassador
  • 2. Provide your Instagram profile with a short introduction

*Submit the essay and required information to

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